Late Shri Chandran Menon

Mr Chandran Menon was born on 10th of may 1925 in a small village in Kerala. Mr Menon completed his 2 year technical diploma in Calicut, Kerala and was appointed immediately as a shop floor technician at Hindustan Aeronautics, Bangalore.
Later in 1940 he joined as a Tool Room incharge with Ordinance Factory, Pune. In 1946, he moved to Kolhapur to explore better opportunities. He worked with Utkurs and later with Yashwant Iron and Steel works. He had an ingrained drive to create and develop something on his own and that’s what kept him on the move. Mr Menon established a company named Menon and Co at Udyamnagar, Kolhapur in 1954 for machining diesel engine components.
A decade later, on January 19th 1964, a new company called Menon and Menon Engineering was formed at Vikramnagar, Kolhapur. On 1st October 1969 the company was converted in a private limited company. Mr Menon was a self made man and believed in sheer hard work and perseverance. He had the knack of recognizing and nurturing talent. He was a rugged, practical man. He was full of fatherly affection towards his people, which is a trait commonly seen in first generation industrialists. Mr Menon left his imprint on each field he laid his hands on. He believed in bravely turning adversity into opportunity for prosperity in future. Mr Menon’s vision, spirit and sheer grit not only ensured the growth of his own company and its people but also put Kolhapur on the industrial map of India.

  • ▪ Member of the Kolhapur Mechanical Engineering Workshop Owners' Union

    ▪ Member of Kolhapur Productivity Council

    ▪ Member of Kolhapur Engineering Association (earlier Kolhapur Mechanical Engineering)

    ▪ Member of National Advisory Committee - National Chemical Lab

    ▪ Vice Chairman of Indian Diesel Engine Manufacturers Association

    ▪ Chairman of CII Southern Maharashtra Zone

    ▪ Chairman of Kolhapur Steel Ltd.

    ▪ Chairman of Menon group of companies

    ▪ CMD of Menon and Menon Ltd.

  • ▪ FIE foundation award in 1978 and 1990

    ▪ Ruston engine crank shaft award in agricultural fair.

Co Founder

Late Shri Ram Menon

Mr Ram Menon, after his graduation in Commerce, moved into Kolhapur in 1951, following his brother, Shri. Chandran Menon. He began his career with the engineering industry as an employee in a foundry in Kolhapur.

In association with Shri. Chandran Menon, he set up on the path of diversification and is the founder of Menon Pistons Ltd and Menon Bearings Ltd and Co-founder of Menon and Menon Ltd. Mr Menon, even in his eighties, played an important role in the corporate affairs of the Menon group.

He was the Chairman of the Menon group of companies which includes Menon and Menon, Menon Pistons, Menon Bearings, Menon Piston Rings etc. Under his leadership these companies are rated among the few leading manufacturers in the country in their respective fields.
Mr. Menon was very active in social and educational fields and was associated with various Engineering Associations and Productivity Councils, both at regional and state levels.

  • ▪ Chairman of CII Maharashtra State Council, Indian Diesel Engine Manufacturers Association

    ▪ Chairman of Shiroli Manufacturers Association

    ▪ Chairman of Kolhapur Engineering Association

    ▪ Chairman of Kolhapur Janata Sahakari Bank

    ▪ Member of Engineering Export Promotional Council

  • ▪ Karveer Bhushan Puraskar by the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation

    ▪ Special Citation Award by the Indian Institute of Foundrymen

    ▪ FIE Foundation award in the field of Engineering industry

    ▪ Udyog Shree award by Kolhapur Engineering Association



Mr. Chandran Menon established a company called Menon and Co for machining diesel engine components


Started operation as an ancillary unit supplying machined components to the Diesel Engine industry.


Shifting activities from Udyam Nagar to Vikram Nagar and conversion from Menon and Co to Menon and Menon Private Limited.


Commencement of Menon and Menon foundry .


Started manufacturing castings like rear axle housings.


Graduated from rear axle housings to differential housings and gear boxes and finally to intricate components like cylinder blocks and cylinder heads .


Started another plant at Amboli, district of Sindhudurg.


First company in India to receive the prestigious QS 9000 certification .


Received ISO/TS 16949 Quality System Standard Certification from Underwriters Laboratories.


Ground Breaking at Kagal


First casting poured at Kagal.


Flexible head and block line installed at vikramnagar.